About MKRank

MKRank is an application for generating lists of your favorite mechanical keyboard “things”.

By things, it could be a specific keyboard cap profile, the profiles themselves, keyboards, etc. I am hoping to add a list or two of content per month. If there is enough interest, I will try to aggregate the data as well.

The application has no affiliations or business plans. It was just something fun to build.

If you want to see a specific topic covered or perhaps just help move things along faster, please consider contributing.

About The Developer

The application was built by Scott Watermasysk. I help run a company called KickoffLabs by day and tinker with all things keyboards in my spare time.

Places you can find me online:

Built With

I primarily built this site using two different keyboards.

  1. KBD67V2 MKII with Zykos and 8008. Aggressive and fun.
  2. Mira SE with Marshmallows and Modo. Classic and my current favorite by a mile.
pics of my babies (KBD67V2 MKII and Mira SE)